Motorcyclist Is Rear Ended In Brisbane! YIKES, That Looks Like It Hurt!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

Many people have mixed feelings concerning motorcyclists.

Unfortunately, ...

Many people have mixed feelings concerning motorcyclists.

Unfortunately, many people classify all riders with the ones that are irresponsible on the road, but if you have ever been behind the wheel of any vehicle you know that all drivers have their flaws.

In this video it is not the motorcyclist who is causing problems on the road, but instead a vehicle.

Being on the street without any protection around to protect you from other drivers is not the safest when faced with an accident and sadly that is something this rider realized in blink of an eye!

In this video we hit the streets of Brisbane, Australia where we witness one motorcyclist who gets a rude awakening! After coming to a stop light the motorcyclist slows down to come to a stop.

However, it appears the driver behind him did not estimate the stop quick enough and ends up rear ending the rider! The fall and wreck is all captured on the head cam of the rider and looks pretty brutal.

Fortunately, everyone involved came out of the incident safe considering the unfortunate events!

This is one eye opening video that shows why it is so vital to always pay attention to your surroundings! to check out the wicked wrack first hand click below!

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