Killer Bike With Gyroscopes Could Change The World Of Riding!

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Gyroscopes can be used for many different things.

One of the best uses ...

Gyroscopes can be used for many different things.

One of the best uses could be on motorcycles – making them far more stable than ever before.

Actually, with two powerful gyroscopes spinning in opposite directions attached to the motorcycle you create a two-wheeler that can actually keep balance by itself.

Some concepts with this solution were present a long time ago, but now, it seems things are more serious.

This is the Thrustcycle Enterprise Gyrocycle and it features the technology.

Apparently, the company will start to sell them and that for a price of less than $20K.

The BumbleBee shown in the video is actually just a concept, working version of the thing while the picture appearing towards the end of the video actually shows the Gyrocycle.

What is more interesting is the fact that BMW did experiment with similar solutions and it may be that they will be the first large-scale motorcycle manufacturers to offer it on their bikes.

Imagine, it may even be that a bike equipped with this feature may not require all the safety features as one without it.

All in all, while Bumble Bee does not look particularly awesome, the end result could prove to be a bike to change it all.

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