Wild Illegal Motorcycle Stunts Will Leave Your Blood Pumping! EPIC!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

In this video we get a wild inside look at Scrape City Illegal Motorcycle Stunts and Tricks. Each rider featured in this video displays undeniable talent behind the wheel and an obvious thirst for adrenaline!  B-4 from Blox Starz is oen fo the riders featured in this clip and he absolutely kills it on the streets while  doing tons of 12′ O clock scrapes and combo wheelies on a very busy public street in Kansas City, MO.

Another biker also performs a tandem 2up front nose wheelie stoppie all while a girl is riding passenger on his stunt bike! Then another extreme freestyle street bike stunt rider performs illegal street bike stunts & tricks riding long wheelie while doing combo’s & 12′ O Clock scrapes without setting down the front wheel of the motorcycle.

Each moment of this video is full of adrenaline filled action! YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS IT! To join in on the fun click below!