Maria Herrera Hits The Track As The Only Female Racer Participating In The Moto3 World Championship!

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

For so long women’s talent in sports have been marginalized. ...

For so long women’s talent in sports have been marginalized.

However, the times are changing and for the better.

Women are proving time and time again that they have the power, they have the strength and they have the determination to be incredible at whatever they put their mind to.

Maria Herrera is a perfect example of this strength and determination.

As a woman who has been surrounded by men her whole life she worked hard to not be looked at as “just one of the girls.”

Her strong will and incredible talent helped her become one of the only female Moto3 racers to have hit the track! since she was four years old, her father had always had bikes around the home.

She saw no limitations for herself and it did not take long before she was dominating behind the wheel.  In this video we get an inside look at her killing it on the track as well as getting the chance to understand what motivates and inspires her while competing in the Moto 3 World Championship!

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